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Bing Places For Business (A Microsoft Product)

Bring profesional tag to your business and reach more number of people / customers.

BPB stands for the “Bing Places for Business” and it is a product of tech giant “Microsoft” company. It is a platform specifically designed for the business sector where you can manage your business activities. BPB makes your business online and creates positive opinion on your business. Microsoft is a trusted platform, therefore, a business who manages their business activities on Microsoft platform also builds the trust in their customers. BPB provides the feature(s) like you can announce offers or provides coupons, you can interact with your customers etc. By using this platform, you can reach more people because of the Microsoft company reputation as well as the Bing is also a world’s second most popular search engine in current tech market using for the retrieval of information.

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Bing is a search engine and a product of Microsoft Company. It is a second largest search engine using for retrieving the information.

It is a product of Microsoft and Bing places for business (BPB) is a place where you can list your business information along with products or services offered by your business. It shows your listing (business information) in local search results thereby it enhances the visibility of your business to online users.

We will set-up BPB for your business or school or college etc.

Actually it takes only 30 minutes time to add your business for Bing listing but in few cases, it may take upto 15 days. It depends on the way you are going to verify the ownership of your business.

It shows your listing in local search results thereby your business is visible to online users. You can convert them (online users) as your customers by providing the sufficient information.

Yes. You can do whenever you want after verification of ownership of your business.

Yes. Bing never allows unauthorized access but if you share login credentials to others, it may lead to unauthorized access (sometimes). Therefore, please do not share login credentials to unknown people.

Yes, why not.

Go to

Enter "KVR Cloud Technologies" in search bar and then hit enter.

Now you can find our company details at right hand side in search results (Click HereTo Visit The Page) (Click Here To View Image).

Same procedure you just follow for finding of your business information after successful listing with the BPB.

You just contact our support team (available 24*7!) and share your email id along with your business details such as Business name, Website (if available), Phone number, Segment of the business (Main role of the company where it offers its services), Category (specific role), Describe your business (briefly write about your business), Social platform accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Trip Adviser), Photos, Working hours of your business, and also You can choose whether your customers can visit the business or not. Don’t worry we will assist you in every step.

Note: In case of social platforms, send web URL of your business page (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Trip Adviser) because online users may visit your page for assistance or any other related information.

First go to

Sign in with your email (example: If you have provided Gmail then hit the Google Account on sign in page).

Then sign in to your account and you can find the information in pop-up window as “Accept ownership to access the listing” (or any other related information).

Then hit “Accept”.

Now you can access your BPB account and edit the information whenever you want.

Note: Sometimes, the pop-up information may not visible or it will say some other information for new sign up from invitation or referral link which we have sent to you. In this case, you just refresh the browser or sign out and again sign in. Then you can find the pop-up information to access your listing.

No, directly you can do from your account itself.

Go to your business listing by hitting the name of your business.

Then hit the “Delete” located at the left side bottom of the screen (desktop view).

Then a pop-up will ask you about “if you delete business listing, it will be completely deleted from the all associated accounts (agency will become an owner for your listing for managing the business listing but is not an owner of business) and you cannot get your listing again.

If you want to delete your listing only for you, then hit the “Manage users” and hit the icon of “Delete” located beside of your email id. In this case, your listing is still available with the partner or agency and you can request them for having access to your listing again, if you want.

Actually, there is a slight change in the process of business listing on Bing by partner and individual. As we are a partner, after submission of your business details, directly it goes to the review process. If your business is eligible, then you can get confirmation email from Bing along with the information about how to verify ownership of your business. Actually, they will take 5 business days time for review of your business details (actually, based on our experience, it takes 3 business days only but in exceptional cases even it may take more than 5 days).

Depends on your business location, BPB provides various verification methods such as via phone, email, and post card. We will assist you with the best possible way to get verified at the earliest.

If your place is available for verification via phone or email, then your business will get verified instantly. If your place is available only for post card verification, then it takes 5-6 business days to receive a post card at your address within the USA. If it is international address, then it takes 12 business days or even more time to receive post card at your door step. After receiving the post card, you or your partner or agency should verify your listing by using the verification code printed in the post card.

It is currently available in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States of America!

Yes, you can do directly from your account.

It takes from 3 days to 20 days of time based on your verification method and location.

It is completely free and it comes along with the web designing/development as well as with the web hosting plans.

Don’t worry you can reach us via Live Chat (24/7), Telephone (+91-6281333383), Email ([email protected]), or visit our Knowledge Hub for more information.

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