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Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Protects your website content.

DMCA stands for the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” and provides the tools for website content protection as well as takedown services. You can protect your website content by using DMCA service. If anybody using your website content without your permission, you can send takedown notice as per the DMCA guidelines to the web owners or hosting providers etc thereby you can protect your content.

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DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and it is a United States copyright law.

It provides the tools for website content protection as well as takedown services.

Once if you found that your content has been stolen by others without your permission, then you can send “takedown notice” as per the DMCA. Thereby they will remove your content from their web portals.

Yes, we do provide.

It is completely free and it comes along with the web designing/development as well as with the web hosting plans.

Yes, we do provide.

Based on our experience, no need of additional features and what we are providing those are enough to protect your website content. After looking into your website, we will suggest you the best possible way for additional features.

No. We are providing same service for many clients, it is not possible to have a look on every website’s DMCA account but don’t worry, for every activity you will receive an alert from DMCA platform. We use your own working email for creation of DMCA account, so, you will receive notifications from DMCA directly and nothing will be hidden. Always we try to maintain 100% transparency with our clients. Whenever you have queries, you contact us immediately.

That means “website content (images, videos etc) is subjected to protection under the copyright laws.”

p align=justify> Yes, after successful registration you can expect to have DMCA official badge on your website.

Don’t worry you can reach us via Live Chat (24/7), Telephone (+91-6281333383), Email ([email protected]), or visit our Knowledge Hub for more information.

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